Top 12 reasons why you should not buy an Apple watch [It’s not for you]

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Here we are listing down the reasons why Apple watch isn’t the right device for you. So if you are thinking about buying a new apple watch then you should read this article.

Reasons why Apple watch is not the right one for you

Reason not to buy Apple watch : Funny

iWatch becomes one of the top selling item of Apple products. We are listing down the top 12 reasons why you should avoid buying an Apple watch in all cost.

  1. Watch works only on iPhone: Most people in the world uses Android than iPhone so if you’re an Android or Windows mobile phone user then you can’t use Apple watch with your smartphone. So come on, forget it.
  2. If you have a tattoo on your wrist: The Apple watch can work for the people who have tattoo on their wrist but the readings can be slightly inaccurate since the tattoo can cause some problem for the sensors to penetrate through your skin.
  3. Bigger wrist: Apple has eliminated the big group of customers who has the biggest fat wrist. The strips are small and doesn’t fit comfortably.
  4. Lower battery life: Apple says the watch can last long up to 18 hours but that doesn’t even a day. So if you are a person who travels a lot to remote locations where there is no way to charge your smart watch then you might be in a trouble.
  5. If you are a person who loves watches with round display: All the Apple watch models comes only in square display and many people love the round display watches like nixon mission.
  6. Heath App doesn’t calculate the menstrual cycles: It would be nice, isn’t?
  7. If you want watch only for fitness tracking: The Apple watch is more than a fitness tracker, it’s like a mini computer on your wrist. So why do you want it when you just need to track your fitness.
  8. Not for people who use to wear watches on inner wrist: The Apple watch isn’t made for people who wear watches on inner wrist in mind, so they have to face some difficulties like using crown et cetera.
  9. It’s expensive: The various models of the watch ranges from around $400 to $1,000. That’s really expensive than buy a laptop. I feels it’s over price for a watch. So this is not for everyone and you can go for the alternatives.
  10. Limited warranty: All models gets scratches no matter what. Apple charges money for fixing them up. Many things aren’t covered in warranty.
  11. Apple watch clones exist: Actually the clones released even before the official release of the Apple watch. Some of them looks exactly like the Apple watch even though specification and features are limited. So if you want to fool the people around then you can simply buy one of the best Apple watch clones.
  12. Better smartwatches exists: Apple watch is good but you can’t insert sim what’s only with iPhone and costly. But there are many smart watches which has better features. It is not always the expensive one has to be the better one, it’s just the people’s mind set.

That’s all guys. So these are some of the important factors you must consider before buying an apple watch. Please drop your comments below.

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