Dual core vs Quad core vs Hexa core vs Octa core vs Deca core processor

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{ANSWERED} Do you Want to know the difference between single core processor, dual core processor, quad core processor, penta core processor, hexa core processor, octa core processor and deca core processor? Here everything has explained in simple English.

While buying a smartphone or a PC, you might have noticed that the processor is mentioned as dual core or quad core or as something else. So what it really is and how will it improve the performance of the device?

Single core vs multi core processor

Imagine your device as a building and the programs/process running on the device as the people in it. When more people want to enter the building, there need to be more ways for the faster transmission. Likewise, when your device wants to handle more tasks and process, it needs more cores. The cores are like the ways. More number of cores means the more faster the process can be in the device.

  1. Single core processor: Only one core for processing all requests.
  2. Dual core processor: Two different cores in a single processor to handle all requests.
  3. Quad core processor: Four different cores in a single processor to handle all requests.
  4. Penta core processor: Five different cores in a single processor to handle all requests.
  5. Hexa core processor: Six different cores in a single processor to handle all requests.
  6. Octa core processor: Eight different cores in a single processor to handle all the requests.
  7. Deca core processor: There will be ten different cores present in a single processor which handles all request.

The higher number of cores is good for the gamers and users who do heavy multitasking. It will help to eliminate the hanging problems and the process will be smooth. So, if you are just going to use the mobile for basic use, it is not necessary to go for a phone with more cores.

Single core vs dual core vs quad core vs hexa core vs octa core vs deca core processors

Can the higher number of cores increase the speed of the device? The answer is partially true. Not only the number of cores decides the speed but also the RAM, cache memory, and software used, are also plays the important role in deciding the performance of the device. At the same time, we don’t need 8 different ways for just 4 people to travel.

Dual core vs Quad core Graphics

Above you can see the Battlefield 3 Ultra Preset game running on the dual core and quad core smartphones. Below you can see the Heat Haze game in both quad core smartphone and in the octa core smartphone.

Quad core vs Octa core processor

Mobile phones don’t require many cores, a quad core processor can do almost all jobs. Also, more cores will reduce the battery performance slightly less. Hope we have explained it better. So choose the one according to your need. You can ask your doubts below.

These terms are derived from the Greek numerals. Below you can see the name of the Greek numerals up to number 20.

1 = Single
2 = dual
3 = triple
4 = quad
5 = penta
6 = hexa
7 = hepta
8 = octa
9 = nona
10 = deca
11 = hendeca
12 = dodeca
13 = trideca
14 = tetradeca
15 = pentadeca
16 = hexadeca
17 = heptadeca
18 = octadeca
19 = enneadeca
20 = icosa

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