Top reasons to rely on Digga Auger, Buckets and Other Attachments

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Digga auger is a highly useful attachment because of the different functions that it can perform. Designed at state of the art facilities, making use of high-end software and finite analysis, these attachments and tools from Digga are reliable because of their endurance. Apart from augers, Digga manufactures a lot of others spares and attachments too, in order to help you with a wide variety of functions. Digga bucket for example has been designed for great capacities with high quality material for longevity. Digga also offers other attachments like rakes, rotary axes, ram drills and skid hoes that can be utilized for different functions in the industrial and agricultural sectors. These come with warranty on their lifetime that adds further credibility to their quality.



Digga bucket comes with grabbing teeth for better efficiency. These are placed on the front-overlap as well as for the rear, so that there is a better grip on the material that is being lifted. The side sections are curved with an opening of about 86 cm. High welding technology is used for the heavy duty grill board that can be used to lift a wide variety of materials. This 1-piece heavy duty part can take any kind of wear and tear and hence can be used for great productivity for long hours. The bucket edges usually have optional reversible bolts as well.  Digga augerdrives are also high performance attachments that come with high torque gearboxes for machines which have a 10 ton capacity. These auger drives boast of high performance and a wide range of output shafts.



Like the Digga bucket, the Digga auger too is designed for heavy duty usage and wear and tear. Moreover, the augers can drill through all kinds of materials and surface, whether it is earth or concrete, bitumen or clay. Moreover, augers from Digga come with multiple hub options. This makes them compatible with all kinds of brands. There are different augers for machines of different capacities. You can also order for auger wearparts, extensions and even mini auger extensions to be used for various purposes. You can order for either single cut or double cut augers. Digga also manufactures fully-flighted augers for all kinds of materials. There are augers for specialized purposes too like tree augers and hole cleaning augers. These can be highly efficient for all your post-hole digging needs offering great capacities and flexibility.

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