Water Purifier Comparison With Price [Check Best]

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Do you want to compare and choose the better water purifier for your home or office? Here is the full list and chart of the best water purifiers available in the market.

Everyday diseases caused by the bacteria and viruses increases rapidly. We should protect us from all vulnerabilities and medium which exposes to diseases. Water is one of the essential component which we inhale everyday. so we should make sure that we are drinking only the pure and healthy water. The RO and the UV are the most used water purification methods. Let’s see the advantages and disadvantages of both water purification process. [If you don’t know what are they then check the Difference Between RO, UV and UF Water Purifiers]

Best and lowest priced water purifier for home and office use

These were the top ten water purifiers which has best purification technologies. We are listing purifiers from lowest price and you can buy one from it depending upon your budget.

  1. Tata Swach Smart Water Purifier: This is one of the cheapest water purifier which is also easy to use but the water storage capacity is small. In order to change the filter, the user has to check the bulb which is present on the opaque side of the purifier and it will be nice, if the bottom is transparent. The price of Tata Swach Smart Water Purifier is Rs 899.
  2. HUL Pureit Compact/Classic 14 L Water Purifier: HUL Pureit Compact has the capacity of storing 14 litres for water purification. The main highlight of the water purifier is that it do not require electricity for its 5 stage purification process and the purifier will cost around Rs 1,175
  3. Kent Gold Optima Water Purifier: Kent Gold is portable and easy to fix on the kitchen. The water storage capacity is 10 litres and it has the capacity to purify more than 4000 litres of water in its lifetime. You can own it by paying 1,250 rupees.
  4. Eureka Forbes Aquasure Amrit Storage Water Purifier: This is one of the water purifier which do not require electricity and user advanced filtering system. We can store 9 litres of water in the top container and 11 litres of water in the bottom container and as a total we can store 20 litres of water in it. The price of this water purifier is only 2,138 INR.
  5. Essel Nasaka 24X7 Water Purifier: Nasaka has both the reverse osmosis and ultraviolet water purification which involves 12 purification stages which means high level purification. It is capable of storing 13.0 liters of water. It has water level indicator with transparent cover. It weights around 13.7 kilograms and has RO membrane of 75 GPD. The water flow rate is 15** litres per hour. It has 7 filters namely the antiscalant, PP filter, magnetic softener, sediment, activated carbon, UF and nano silver. It has auto flushing and the purifier will cost around Rs 9,599.
  6. Eureka Forbes Aquasure Elegant RO Water Purifier: Eureka uses the 5 level RO water purification technology and comes with the in-built stabilizer which would protect your purifier. It has 1 year warranty period and it is protected by plastic body. It operates on the voltage level between 130 to 270 volts. The price is fixed as 10,399 INR.
  7. HUL Pureit Marvella Water Purifier: Pureit Marvella kills the viruses and bacteria present in the water instant and it has the 8 liters of water storage capacity which involves 5 stages of purification process. You can buy the HUL Pureit Marvella Water Purifier by paying Rs 13,195.
  8. Whirlpool UTS RO Water Purifier: If you are looking for a water purifier with huge storage then the Whirlpool UTS RO Water Purifier can be your best option. It has the mega storage capacity of storing 15 liters of water. It has high tech filtration methods and you can own it with the rupees 13,699.
  9. Zero B Sapphire Water Purifier: This purifier user the heptapure technology for purifying the water and it is the only purifier to use this technology. It is a wall mount purifier with activated carbons and has 7 stage RO stages. The total cost of this device is 14,240 INR.
  10. Kent Wonder Water Purifier: Kent Wonder is really a wonderful water purifier which contains the UF & RO double purification with TDS system. It has 7 liters water storage capacity with 3 stage purification. It has a plastic body and involves RO purification with activated carbon. The price of the purifier is little expensive but it’s really worth to buy it for the price Rs 15,105. The user will get the warranty for 1 year.


Who said that the pure water is only available in Antarctica? You can get pure water even at your home. On the other side, still make people in villages are still using the impure water for drinking and cooking purposes. Lets hope the situation will soon change for them.

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