Why Manitou is One of the Leading Brands in Australia?

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Manitou is one of the most trusted brands in Australia with equipment offered for various sectors including construction, agriculture, and mining. Heavily relied upon in these markets, the brand offers many types of equipment. These include telescopic handlers, rotating telescopic handlers, masted forklift truck, aerial work platforms, truck mounted forklifts, warehousing equipment and a wide array of attachments as well. Manitou Australia products can be ordered online after you browse through their exhaustive inventory for the market of your interest and the type of the machine that you need. High-quality spares and attachments are also available so that equipment owners don’t have to worry about the quality of parts used for replacement in older equipment.



Manitou offers a large number of attachments as well that include concrete skips, buckets, muck-forks, grabs, sweepers, cranes, and platforms as well which can be put to great use to enhance the capability of the machines used. Moreover, each of these Manitou Australia attachments, come in many varieties to suit different uses and purposes. For example, there are light material buckets, construction buckets, feeding buckets, concrete mixing buckets, 4-in-1 buckets, rehandling buckets and multi-function buckets. The same holds true for a lot of other attachments as well which are designed for specific needs and capacities. The network is also quite extensive which allows you to find an authorized dealer close to your place. This ensures you can get genuine parts as well as technical assistance and servicing when your equipment isn’t functioning properly. Even the after-sales servicing department maintains great standards to assure customer satisfaction.

Manitou Australia also offers maintenance contracts and standard replacement solutions to ensure that there is not much problem with the equipment that customers buy. This ensures that customers are rarely stuck with their productivity affected by defective equipment. Customized warranty extensions are also provided to different Manitou customers for different kinds of equipment. Moreover, the network also offers other benefits such as leasing of machines for short-term projects and sale of used equipment which allows customers to pick something of high quality at a lower cost. This assures greater cost-effectiveness. The spare parts for the brand are easily available which makes replacement a very quick task. There is a fleet management system as well on offer to provide further assistance to the customers. From troubleshooting to regular inspection and maintenance, the brand offers every possible help to customers who have invested in the equipment.

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