Apple watch 2 vs Apple watch 1: Is series 1 still better to choose?

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Curious to buy Apple watch? The series 2 has been released and many people are wondering whether to buy the Apple watch 2 vs Apple watch 1. We have analysed both watches and we can guide you to pick the better one.

Apple watch 1 vs Apple watch 2 differences

The series 1 of the Apple watch was released on April 24, 2015 and after its success, Apple has released the series 2 on September 16, 2016. The series 2 is being sold higher than the series one and let’s see what improvements they have actually made.

Apple Watch Series 1 or Apple Watch 2

  • The Apple watch series 1 comes in 2 different models and 2 different sizes which are the regular and sport editions in 38mm and in 42mm. The series 2 comes in 5 different models and 2 different sizes which are the Aluminum, Steel, Ceramic, Nike+ and Hermes in 38mm and in 42mm.
    • Apple says that the ceramic model’s case is 4 times stronger than the stainless steel case during its introduction to the public.
    • Nike+ model’s case is made in aluminum and its band is made by fluoroelastomer rubber, the same material which is used to make the sports model’s band.
    • The Hermes model comes with the stainless steel case and with the leather band.
    • The Nike+ and Hermes models has their own pre-loaded apps such as the Nike+ Run Club app.
  • The Apple watch 2 has dual core processor where the Apple watch 1 has only the single core processor. So, your watch will be faster since more cores are present.
    • Series one uses S1 pre processor and Series two uses the S2 processor.
  • The water resistance of Apple watch 2 has increased up to 50 meters (165 feet). So you can use it while swimming. The Apple watch 1 can be submerged in the water for 1 meter depth up to 30 minutes as maximum. If the depth or duration is increased then it will harm the device.
  • The Apple watch 2 has built in GPS which works without your iphone to track your location.
  • The Apple watch 1 runs on WatchOS 2 and the Apple watch 2 runs on the WatchOS 3. You can also upgrade your Apple watch series 1’s operating system to WatchOS 3.
  • The Regular Apple watch 1 had some visibility problems in the bright light and it has been rectified in the new series. Now the Apple watch 2’s display is made more brighter. You can also check the detailed comparison between the Apple watch 38mm & 42mm versions.


Apple Watch S138mm Sport~$269~£269~AU$399
42mm Sport~$299~£299~AU$449
Apple Watch S238mm Aluminum~$369~£369~AU$529
38mm Steel~$549*~£549*~AU$799*
38mm Ceramic~$1,249~£1,249~AU$1,799
42mm Aluminum~$399~£399~AU$579
42mm Steel~$599**~£599**~AU879**
42mm Ceramic~$1,299~£1,299~AU$1,899

The prices can be changed over time and can vary according to the online store and retailer. You can also check our comparison chart.


FeaturesApple Watch 1Apple Watch 2
Models1. Regular

2. Sport

1. Stainless Steel

2. Aluminum

3. Ceramic

4. Nike+

5. Hermes

ProcessorSingle coreDual core
Water Resistance1 meter depth – 30 minutes maxUp to 50 meters (165 feet) – no time limit
OSWatchOS 2WatchOS 3
GPSConnected GPSBuilt in GPS
 DisplayRegular watch had issues in bright light Display made more brighter

Is the Apple watch series 2 a better one to buy? Yes, of course! But if you are in limited budget then you can choose the Apple watch 1 which is not bad either. Check our detailed comparison table about Apple Watch Regular vs Sport model.

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