Fitbit Blaze versus Apple Watch: A to Z Comparison [Here is the Winner]

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If you are confused about Fitbit Blaze or Apple Watch which fits right for your wrist, then you can get some ideas about both of them in this article.

Fitbit Blaze versus Apple Watch

Apple watch or fitbit blaze

Both the Apple watch and the Fitbiz Blaze are top smartwatch brand but there are a lot of differences among them and let’s see what all are they.

  1. Fitbit blaze can last long up to 3 to 5 days in single charge of the battery. The Apple watch is capable to withstand only 18 hours to 1 day. So, this might be a problem for some people who travels to remote places.
  2. You can’t answer your calls on Fitbit Blaze, you can see who called you but you will need your smartphone to call them. On the other hand, you can answer your calls on Apple watch. Just move your wrist near your mouth and talk in call.
  3. Apple watch has more features than a fitness tracker or a watch. But if you just want to track your fitness and for the basic usage then go with the Fitbit blaze.
  4. Apple watch can’t able to count the flights climbed which is possible in Fitbit.
  5. Accuracy of Apple watch’s tracking activities can be very accurate compared to Fitbit Blaze.
  6. Fitbit Blaze is not recommended when swimming or taking bath because it doesn’t contain any water proof feature with it.
  7. In our opinion, Apple watch looks more stylish than the Fitbit blaze. There is 2 wide holes in top and bottom of the blaze and the Apple watch looks fully sealed. [Check: Apple Watch Regular vs Sport comparison.]
  8. The Fitbit blaze costs only $199 which the Apple regular watch costs a lot more than $200. So, if Fitbit meets your requirements then go for it and save some money.
  9. Only you want to be awakened by the alarm clock instead of your family members who are sleeping nearby. For this reason, Fitbit uses the vibration to wake you up and there will be no noise.
  10. Blaze tracks how long you sleep and how well you sleep. It has the detailed report about it which you can view.
  11. You have to remember that Apple watch supports iPhone only and you can’t pair it with an Android mobile or a Windows mobile phone.
  12. If you don’t like the Apple’s in built heart sensor then you can also connect an external heart rate sensor to it which is not possible in blaze.
  13. You can also connect external camera to your Apple watch which can’t be done in blaze.
  14. Your Apple watch can be charged wirelessly but you need to connect the cable for charging the blaze.
  15. Everyone can start to use Fitbit Blaze from the first day itself but you need to learn how to operate certain settings in Apple watch.
  16. Apple watch has NFC which you can use for the simple wireless transactions.
  17. You can control your Apple watch with voice commands but Fitbit Blaze doesn’t have the voice command option.
DisplayIon-X glass Retina DisplayGorilla Glass color touch screen
ColorWhite, blue, green, pink, blackBlue, black and plum
Bluetooth 4.0YesYes
Water resistantYes (for rain, pool)Yes (for rain only)
Heart rate sensorYesYes
Text notificationsYesYes
Apple PayYesNo
Battery lifeUp to 20 hoursUp to 7 days
CompatibilityiPhone 5 or later and iOS 8.2 or later is neededSyncs to over 200 iOS, Android and Windows devices
Call AnswerYes, on watchNeed Smartphone
GPSYes, on watchNeed Smartphone
Wireless chargingYesNo
Silent alarmNoYes – By vibration
Voice commandsYesNo
Control external CameraYesNo
Sleep DataNoYes, tracks how well you sleep
Android Phone SupportNoYes
iPhone SupportYesYes
Windows Phone SupportNoYes
External heart rate monitorYes, can be pairedNo
User FriendlinessNeed to learn how to operateVery easy to use

Apple Watch

Apple Watch worth around $350 and they are capable of interacting with iPhone and has facilities like smartwatch and fitness tracking. The design of the Apple is more stylish, comfortable and four collections with two case sizes of 38mm (1.5inch) and 42mm (1.7 inch) are available. There are regular Apple watch as well as the Apple watch sports edition.

It has various colors and band options and It run for 1 day. It contains inbuilt heart beat sensor which uses visible light LEDs and infrared and also contains 8GB storage capacity.  Apple watch contains more notification compared to FITBIT such as

  • Whether
  • Temperature
  • Calls
  • Calendar
  • Text
  • Daily schedule

It is highly compatible with iPhone 5. Apple watch versions are

  • WatchOS 1.0.1
  • WatchOS 2.0
  • WatchOS 3.0

Using Bluetooth we can connect with our iPhone and it can be charge by inductive charger. It doesn’t have inbuilt GPS chip. Apple watches supports for Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and also supports for some other apps also which support in IPhone. It also have some inbuilt app such as World clock, Timer, Alarm Music, Stocks, Stop watch, Photos, Mail, Maps, Friends, Whether , Phone, Remote, Workout, Camera Remote, Passbook, Apple pay, Messages, Activity. This shows that you can access your multiple things at in your wrist. It have water proof feature with it . The aim of Apple watch is to minimize the activities in phone.

Fitbit Blaze is a fitness tracker which is also a watch.

Apple watch is a mini computer which is also a fitness tracker.


Fitbit worth of $ 130 consists of the option to integrate with with any smartphone. It is a fitness tracking device and a basic watch. The design of the Fitbit is little broad compared to apple and run for atleast 3.5 days. Fitbit is more concentrate on activity tracking features such as steps, calories, water intake, sleep tracking features, heart rate, distance, calories burned, floors climbed, etc… It is connect with GPS but it only works if you have your phone with you otherwise it acts as only fitness tracker. It works using battery and it connect with MAC OS. Fitbit android app supports for many android devices such as HTC, Nexus series, Moto series, LG,  etc.. Fitbit contains limited notification other than Activities such as

  • Calls
  • Text
  • Calendar

FITBIT watch models

  • FITBIT Charge
  • FITBIT Charge HR
  • FITBIT Surge
  • FITBIT Aria
  • FITBIT Blaze
  • FITBIT Alta damn
  • FITBIT Charge 2

Fitbit contains some quality issues such as wrist breaking or separating.  It contains radar, chip chick, men’s fitness, women’s running time, shape, outside, popsugar etc.
That it concludes if you want to go with purely in fitness means you can buy the Fitbit watch otherwise you want more computer activities in your wrist means go for Apple watch but it sounds higher rate than Fitbit.

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