Fitbit Blaze vs. Garmin vivoactive HR – Everything You Should Know

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Looking to buy Fitbit Blaze or Garmin vívoactive HR? Then you must check what the difference each has. Check this guide to make the smart choice.

Fitbit Blaze or Garmin vívoactive HR

There are a lot of difference among the Garmin vívoactive HR and the Fitbit Blaze. We are listing all the difference between both of them. so you can get some knowledge about them. You must read the following points before spending your hard earned money. [See also: Apple Watch Sports vs Apple Watch Normal]

Garmin vivoactive HR vs BFitbit Blaze

  1. Garmin vívoactive HR is a fully waterproof smartwatch which you can even use during swimming or for any water sports. The Fitbit Blaze has some resistance to water but it is not fully water proof which mean you can use it during rain but not under the water.
  2. GVHR has full GPS facility which you can use to track your location during running and other activities. It will tell your speed, distance and other informations. The Blaze has only¬†‘connected gps’ which requires your mobile phone for the location tracking. So you have to bring your phone with you every time.
  3. The¬†vivoactive has in build heartbeat sensor which will tell how many time your heart beats per minute while you doing your sporting activities. You won’t need any chest strap and it will just calculate it from your wrist. If you don’t like the build-in heart rate sensor of vivoactive then there is also an option to connect external heartbeat rate sensor. You can only use the inbuilt heartbeat rate sensor in blaze and there is no option for adding external heartbeat rate sensor¬†device.
  4. In addition to normal sports, Garmin vívoactive supports more sports like Golf, snow sports like skiing & snowboarding and water sports like swimming, paddle boarding, indoor rowing, outdoor rowing which are absent in the blaze. The blaze only supports the sports like running, bike, weights, treadmill, elliptical and workout.
  5. You will get the advanced stats about you on the Garmin vivoactive such as the cadence information while you running which is missing on the Fitbit Blaze smart watch.
  6. One of the cool feature of the Fitbit Blaze is that, it has better music control options while the GV HR can play only the stored music and no streaming of music.
  7. Right now the Fitbit Blaze is around 50 dollars cheaper than the Garmin vivoactive HR but the price can be changed anytime. So, if you want cheaper one then you have to choose Blaze.
  8. You can learn how to operate Fitbit Blaze easily since the settings are simple to use but you need some time to learn about how to use the vivoactive.
  9. Batteries on both watches can last upto 5 to 6 days which is really good when comparing to the Apple watch which can stay up to 1 day as maximum. [Check the Fitbit blaze vs. Apple Watch]
  10. Both of the watches has good softwares for your smartphone and PC where you can check the details about your fitness.
  11. You can connect external cams like¬†Garmin VIRB Elite action camera with your¬†vivoactive and can view on the watch’s screen. You can also download apps from¬†garmin connect iq¬†which is not possible in the¬†Fitbit Blaze.

Blaze is for casuals, Garmin vivoactive is for serious athletes.

You can also view the comparison chart of both of them for better understanding. These are the important difference between the Garmin vivoactive HR and the Fitbit Blaze.

FeaturesFitbit BlazeGarmin vivoactive HR
Water ResistanceRain onlyFull waterproof
GPSConnected GPSInbuilt GPS
Heart rate sensorYesYes
External heart rate sensorNot supportedSupported
View external web camNot possiblePossible
Sport supportedRunning,






Basics like run &





Paddle boarding,

Indoor rowing,

Outdoor rowing

Battery~5 days~5 days
User friendlinessEasy to useNeed to learn controls

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