Garmin Vivofit vs Fitbit Charge [Guide for the serious buyers]

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We are comparing Garmin Vivofit head to head with Fitbit Charge. We had tested both devices carefully in detail. Let’s see about each and every variations among them.

Fitbit Charge or Garmin Vivofit

Both are the current top smartwatch brands in the market, the other is being the Apple watch [Check: Apple watch regular vs Apple watch sport]. But both has many difference in how they work and operate. If you are going to buy one among those then you should consider these points to get the clear idea about which will fit you the best.

Fitbit flex vs garmin vivofit

  1. Battery: The Fitbit can stand up to 7 days in a single charge of the battery. You can recharge it using the USB port present on it. While the Vivofit can last long up to 1 year and so there is no charger option provided. You can replace the battery after a year like a normal watch.
  2. Comfort: Both of them feels good on the hand but the Vivofit weighs little more than the Fitbit Charge. This isn’t a big problem for most of the people but you might think it’s a drawback. [See also: Fitbit Blaze vs Apple Watch]
  3. Look: The Fitbit looks more like a rubber band on your hand and most people won’t notice that you have a smartwatch on your hand. The Vivofit looks more like an watch and we love how it looks. If you want it simple then pick Fitbit otherwise you can pick its counterpart.
  4. Stats: Both of them will give you the accurate statistics about your performance. Such as how long many feets you walked, distance you have traveled and how many calories that you have burned. So, you can keep track of your health and fitness.
  5. Platform supported: Both of them can be connected with your smartphone which runs on Android, iOS and Windows mobile. You can also connect it with you Mac or Windows powered computer. The apps are available to all these platforms. You can use USB or bluetooth for connecting your smartwatch with those devices.
  6. Usability of Flex: There are only 5 LED lights Fitbit Flex to give you all the information and you will need your mobile phone to view the detailed status. When you double tap it, it will show how much daily goal that you have been completed. If a single LED blinks then it mean 20%, so if all the 5 LED glows then you have finished your goal today. The wake up feature is Flex is amazing, it won’t make any noise to wake you up. It will just vibrates on your wrist.
  7. Usability of Vivofit: The Vivofit actually has a display which you can use to check the time, date and your fitness information. The red bar will start increasing if you don’t workout and it will start decreasing again if you start work out again. The display doesn’t have the blacklight and so there might be some difficulties for viewing the information in the darkness. The vibration feature is absent in the Vivofit.
  8. Waterproof: The Garmin Vivofit is fully waterproof which will work even in underwater but the Flex will become faulty if you put it in the water. But spraying the water on the Flex will not be a problem. So if you are into watersports then you have to buy Garmin Vivofit. [See: Fitbit Blaze vs Garmin Vivoactive]

These all are the major things to consider if you have to pick either Garmin Vivofit vs Fitbit Charge. Hope these helps, please give your valuable feedback below. You can also add your additional information about them.

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