How to Fix Common Google Play Store Error Codes in Android

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Google Play store users face a wide range of errors from simple no connection error to strange errors like google play services error, error code 924, error 403, error 207 etc.,. Here we are listing all the error codes and possible ways to fix them.

Most of the errors in Google Play store are caused by the cached content, wrong configuration and due to the use of outdated apps and services. You have to try various methods to solve it since there can be many things which can be the reason for a specific error message. So just give a try, one by one and hopefully one of them will solve the problem.

Google Play Store No Connection Error

You will get the ‘no connection retry’ error when you open the Google Play market and the other Google play services also stops working. Solution: First check time. The fact is authentication uses the current time and if your device clock is off, the authentication can’t be complete. So set your device time to current time. If this doesn’t help, delete the Google service and Play store cache. If this doesn’t help, delete the account and set it up once again. The easiest way to remove the your Google account is to delete the ‘accounts.db-journal’ file. If you can’t sign into your account now then it may be due to the use of the ‘Freedom App’ previously. If you did then uninstall the app and install it again and run at least once even though it complaints that no accounts found. In my case, the error was back to normal after reinstalling it.

Unfortunately, the process has stopped

Now you can’t access the play store and when you get the error message, just click ‘ok’. Now you have to go to ‘settings’ and then you want to go to ‘Apps’. Now you have to go all the way to the right to the ‘All’ section. Once you go to the all section, there is gonna be the menu button (the three little dots ⋮ ) on the top right corner. You have to click on that menu button which will show you the ‘Reset app preferences’ option. Once you there then just go ahead and reset the apps. After doing this you can just go to the Google Play store and can access it. Read more: How to fix unfortunately the process has stopped error code?

Error Code 924 On Google Play Store

Error code 924 play store

This error code occurs when you try to download or update an App using the play store. The error will look like “Can’t download app: ‘App’ can’t be downloaded. Try again, and if the problem continues, get help troubleshooting. (Error Code:924) OK”. This is caused by two different reasons, 1) You might have a temporary network problem or 2) Play store internal crashing issues. If it’s due to the temporary network problem then it will solve after sometime automatically. So check your internet connection and try again. If these things doesn’t solve your problem then you got some other issue. Now just go to the setting and under Apps, go to the Google Play store. Then simply go to the storage and clear the cache and you can also clear the data. Also you can try to logout and login again. So you can do that if that doesn’t solve your problem. Now let’s go and try downloading the app, it should be working (hopefully).

Unfortunately google play service has stopped

The unfortunately google play service has stopped error occurs usually after upgrading the old Android version to the latest version. Now go to settings, application manager then all. Now scroll all the way down to the Google Play services, delete all data of the app and uninstall the updates then click manage device administrator then Android device manager and deactivate it. Then now again hit turn off and uninstall the Google play services. then uninstall updates. Now Google play services uninstalled.

Now reboot is recommended and so reboot your device. Once you switch on your mobile again, navigate to the Google Play service and enable it. Now you won’t face the error message again.

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