MacOS Sierra failed to download ‘an error has occurred’ in App store

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Frustrated for not able to download the New Mac OS Sierra? Here you can find how to download the MacOS Sierra on your PC.

Many people are getting the error message ‘an error has occurred’ when trying to download the MacOS Sierra on your computer from the Mac App store website.

The error message mainly occurs since the server used by the Apple gets loaded heavily from hundreds of thousands of users. Also the download process is long, so each user will be using the server for a longer period of time.

Apple can be a bigger company but still they can’t handle this server load. So how can we solve this problem? There are few ways in which we can fix this problem.

Have a high speed internet connection and try downloading at night or at the time when the server will be in less load.

Delete all your old damaged or corrupted installers from your system.

Wait for few days until others download the source file and make the server free to use.

Clear your browser cache and reboot your system and try again. [Check All Macintosh OS 10.12 Sierra Problems and Fixes]

If you have any other working method then please mention it below and so others can get it.

MacOS Sierra failed to download ‘an error has occurred’ in Mac App store can be solved, if you try the above methods.

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