15 Valid Reasons Not to Upgrade Your System to Windows 10

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There is a misconception among the people that new is always the best. But it might not be true sometimes. Check here the reasons why Windows 10 is not the right OS for you.

After the announcement from Microsoft that Windows 7 and 8 user with valid license can upgrade to Windows 10 for free, many people are confused whether to upgrade or stick with the current OS. Windows 10 has some advantages like you can connect your Xbox One and other stuffs but there are also some drawbacks. Here we are listing the top reasons which you must consider before upgrading to the Windows 10 operating system.

Disadvantages of Upgrading to Windows 10

  1. Need Drivers: There can be problems with different drivers like graphics, video, sound and more. That can make the upgrade feel more like a downgrade instead. So it can be a problem when it comes to older games and softwares you used before for earlier Windows versions and suddenly they might not be working in this new upgrade which can be very frustrating.
  2. Can’t Revert Back After A Month: If you upgrade to Windows 10 from your current Windows 8 or 7 then you only get one month period to revert back to the previous Windows if you don’t like the Windows 10. After a month, there is no option for it and all you can do is only the fresh install of the old operating system which you were using.
  3. Not Supported on Old Pcs: If you are using really an old computer then Windows 10 won’t support for you. The Processor has to be at least 1 gigahertz or faster. You will need 2GB of RAM for 64-bit and 1GB of RAM for 32-bit version of the Windows 10. Also you will need the free disk space of 16GB.
  4. Need Faster Internet Connection to Upgrade: This might not be a problem for many but think about the people with slow internet or no internet connection at all! Then it’s a big problem for them.
  5. Windows Media Center is Absent: If you are a user of Windows Media Center then you have to find new alternative for it to use on Windows 10 since it is not supported in the Windows 10.
  6. Don’t Support Playing DVDs & VCDs: Microsoft Windows 10 doesn’t support playing the DVDs and VCDs. So you can’t view videos or install games from the CDs which is really shocking. This is because people started to use online content more.
  7. Benchmark: In the benchmark results, computers running with Windows 7  has shown better results than the computers with Windows 10 with the same hardware and components. When playing Resident Evil game in both the Windows, the game runs on 33.2 FPS on Windows 7 and 32.2 FPS on Windows 10. Thus, Windows 7 seems to be 1 to 2 frames above the Windows 10.
  8. Slow To Turn ON & OFF: If you are a Windows 8 user then you will love the faster shutdown and the reboot of it. But if you think Windows 10 will be like it then you are wrong, its slower to turn ON and OFF.
  9. Laggy: Windows 10 can be more laggy and slower when using different apps & softwares when compared to Windows 7. And this maybe due to the drivers too. The performance can be pretty bad sometimes and sometimes it may even worser. So it will be like a nightmare if you want to use many different applications at the same time or have more than one website open.
  10. Two Different Places to Change Settings: In Windows 7, you have to change the settings in just Control Panel. But in the Windows 10, it consist of Settings App and Control Panel for changing the settings which is messy I think. You have to switch to the two different places to activate some options.
  11. Data Mining: There are many features running continuously on the Windows 10 operating system. People say that you can turn them off but it seems like you can’t turn off everything on your pc. So the privacy can be a problem. So it can share your data without your knowledge. So it can for instance sync data when you login to your microsoft account and see all your browser history. It can also know where you are and collect all your information.
    1. I don’t want others to spy on what I’m doing which also includes the Microsoft. I also need the security for my data and activities from third party companies which Microsoft could probably share.
  12. Auto-Removal of Content: There are some reports that the pirated games and apps get removed from the computer automatically. Using pirated content is wrong but I don’t want my PC to decide what I should use and what I shouldn’t. I should be the master and not my computer. This is an annoying part of the Windows 10. The system will also auto-update without the permission from the user.
  13. Cortana is Not Supported in All Countries: Cortana is the highlight of Windows 10. It’s a advanced voice recognition feature but it only supported in limited countries such as United States, France, Spain, Germany, China, Italy and the United Kingdom. It isn’t available in India and other Asian countries at the moment. It will take some time for Cortana to be available to all countries in the world.
  14. Its Free: Do you know nothing in this world as ‘Free’. Windows 10 is preloaded heavily with the Microsoft applications such as Edge browser, Skype, OneDrive, etcetera. Many of them are non removable. They occupy a certain space on your storage and you are forced to use them. Microsoft needs to make money but they can add an option to removed them for the users who don’t like to use them.
  15. You are the Tester: Microsoft is still testing the operating system and it uses you for testing. They are changing some features and specifications once a complaint rise by an user. I don’t want to be in a testing environment. Windows 7 is used by 42.02% of the people and Windows 10 is only used by 21.88% of the people in the world. I want to be with the millions of others who uses the Windows 7 (until the Windows 10 become a more stable platform). The Windows 10 is still in the testing stage.

Your data is more valuable. Cooperates collects it and it’s how nowadays they makes money. Not only Microsoft, Google, Apple and Facebook are also collecting your information without the your knowledge.