What makes the Telescopic Handler a priceless addition at the workplace?

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The Telescopic handler has proved to be extremely useful at the worksite especially in agricultural and industrial sectors where heavy weights need to be lifted, moved and placed with great precision. There are many different categories of telehandlers that are available based on the capacity you are looking for and the use that you will put it to. There are 2-wheel, 4-wheel and all-wheel steering telehandlers. The precision placement system is an extremely important part of the system. These provide crane-type lifts and usually need the same high-risk license that crane operators need.



The lifting capacity varies quite a bit for a telescopic handler. These telehandlers are used because of the way they enhance the productivity. There are versatile handlers and handlers that are compact and easily maneuverable even through the tightest of corners. Some come with a 36.3 kW, 2.2 liter diesel engine while some are designed for great agility. You will also find the bigger 55.9 kW handlers that offer excellent productivity and great power. Efficient handlers with high power are designed for the rigors of recycling and waste industry where great weights need to be lifted and where the work proceeds for long hours without interruption.

You will also come across a telescopic handler which is designed with a very huge reach and those which come with excellent visibility and air-conditioned cab for the operator. The best telehandlers are equipped with a compact wheelbase and larger steering lock angles. The latter is designed to lower the travel time at the worksite. The most powerful handlers come with engines that have a capacity as high as 80 – 90kW. The best handlers designed for optimum performance, can operate on uneven surfaces with multiple steer modes and high lifting capacity. The shovel breakout force for example, in some handlers could be higher than 6 tons.

When it comes to telescopic handler there are certain criteria which are extremely important. For example, the running costs must be low and the uptime should be as high as possible for greater productivity. Some telehandlers come with hydraulic regeneration system as well that enhances the efficiency of the equipment. Similarly, there is an array of accessories and attachments that can be used with these handlers for better performance and efficiency at the worksite. Some handlers even come with a shock absorbing system for uneven surfaces that aids in operator comfort. Some handlers are specifically designed for good over-the-shoulder visibility.

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