What to expect from Manitou Hire [Guide for You]

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It isn’t very hard to find a used Manitou for sale with varying capacities. You can look for the right models and double check for the features. Manitou hire agencies can offer telescopic handlers such as mvt628 2002 turbo diesel which comes with 2.8 ton lifting capacity. These telehandlers come with a 6m lift height and have accessories such as bucket and forks. It is important to double check though, if the equipment is properly serviced at all times and if the accessories and tyres in particular are still in good condition.



You can also find a Manitou for sale at around $175000 that comes with 4 ton lifting capacity, air conditioned cab and a slewing man basket. If you need a Manitou, hire it at a great rate for the time that you need it. There are telescopic handlers that come with different lift capacities, different reach and different count for number of hours that it has been put to use. Top models like 2008 Manitou 1235S 4ws diesel can be purchased at about $20,000. The diesel model usually is found with clean body condition, 75% tire condition and 3500 kg lifting capacity. Apart from body and tyre condition, it is therefore important to check the interior and overall condition as well. These generally have an operating height of about 12 m.

Manitou for sale is usually a good find, considering how useful the equipment is. There are models that have 5000kg base capacity forklift, side shift fork positioner and an enclosed air conditioned cab. These models are ideal at construction sites to handle the building material especially when precision in placement of those materials is the need of the hour. If you are going for Manitou hire, it is important to make sure you get the latest technology design that offers the best user experience.

You can find used Manitou for sale with different capacities, different accessories and varying degrees to which the equipment has been used. Manitou hire agencies charge different rates based on forklift sizes, reach, model, year of make and internal and external condition. There are tidy handlers that have been used for about 5000 hours and those which have hardly been used for about 2000 hours. You can also find models with pallet forks, joysticks, sway, hitch, bucket and forks. The cost goes up as the number of hours, of usage comes down.

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