Pixelmaster vs Pureview vs Ultrapixel vs Megapixel – Best?

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Do you want to know which mobile camera technology is best among the pixelmaster, pureview, ultrapixel and megapixel camera? Here is the detailed comparison between them.


The pixelmaster might sound like a new technology but it was introduced in 2013 itself on the Asus PadFone Infinity but now the technology has got a lot of new improvements such as the low light image capturing, depth of field mode, advanced selfie mode, time rewind mode.

The low light camera present on the ZenFone 5 & 6 is not just capture the images but it goes one step ahead and even captures the videos in low light. The memory of those low light pictures are lower than the pictures which has taken on the full light. So you require flash only if its so dark and doesn’t have any light. The low light image capture is better than that of the Nokia’s Pureview.

The depth of field mode helps you to focus only on a particular object on the picture and you can just dim the background of the object. So that people can just see the object on the picture instead of every objects on the picture.

The selfie mode will identify all the persons in the camera and when you click the capture button, it will start the countdown. When the countdown gets over, it will take 3 different pictures of you. You can save the best picture of you from those 3 pictures and can delete the rest of them.

Time rewind is one of the other cool feature in the Asus ZenFone mobiles. If you click the capture photo after choosing the ‘Time Rewind’ mode, it will capture 2 seconds before and 1 second after it. Then it will make those 3 seconds as 31 images. Now you can decide which images to keep on your mobile and which images has to be deleted.


The pureview technology was introduced on the Nokia 808 PureView. What made everyone shock was its 41 megapixel camera. It look like a professional camera and a mobile phone hybrid. The pureview was the first low light capturing technology.

The pixelmaster has learned from the PureView’s working principles and has become a better technology. The heart of the pureview is the Carl Zeiss optics lens which helped in focusing and zooming the objects without any defects. Minimum distance between the camera and the object should be 15 cm and if the distance gets shorter than that, then you will get a dim picture. If you get any problem focusing the objects in closeup then you can try activating the close up mode in creative mood on the touch screen.

The Nokia 808 PureView is bulkier and heavy when compared to the latest smartphones out in the market. The mobile’s specification is also not comparable to the new mobiles which has got a lot of storage space and fast processing speed.


Megapixel vs Ultrapixel camera
The Ultrapixel camera was introduced by the HTC. The ultrapixel is nothing but the pixel is larger than the regular megapixel. So it can capture more lights and can shoot better in the low light conditions. The DSLR camera has the biggest pixel. When the pixel surface it bigger than there will be less pixels in area when compared with the megapixel. Thus a low ultrapixel camera can beat the higher megapixel camera.


The megapixel is the traditional pixel ratio which is being used on the mobile phones. Almost all cameras uses the standard megapixel pixel ration only. The ultrapixel dont win the race always and a 41 megapixel is a lot better than a 4 ultrapixel camera. So you have to compare the actual camera quality before coming to a desicion. HTC has recently started to use the ultrapixel camera as the front selfie camera and the normal megapixel camera in the rear end in the recent mobile phones.

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