Apple Watch: Aluminum vs Stainless Steel version [Buyer’s Guide]

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Do you want to buy a new Apple watch but confused whether to choose Aluminum or the Stainless steel version of the watch? Here you can read the quick review and find which model will fit you the best.

Apple watch is available in two different varieties – Apple watch sport and regular. The regular Apple watch case is made in stainless steel and the sport watch case is made in aluminum. Many people have doubts about which one to choose, between the two.

Apple Watch Regular vs Sport

FeaturesNormal Apple WatchSports Watch
PackageSquare BoxRectangular Box
CaseStainless SteelAluminum
ScreenSapphire CrystalIon-X
Weight38mm = 40g

42mm = 50g

38mm = 25g

42mm = 30g

External appearance
(Despite of material used)
Case ScratchEasierHarder
Case Scratch VisibilityEasier to seeHard to see
Screen Glass ScratchMore scratch resistantLess scratch resistant
Screen Glass BreakageYes from 5 feet
(Due to case weight)
No from 5 feet
(Since its case is lightweight)
Fits more forOfficeParty & Sports
Band LockMagnetic clasp instant stickBuckle Lock
Screen VisibilityHarder to see in bright lightEasier to see in all lights
Fingerprint / dust on caseVisible if touched with moistureNo
Buy NowCheck lowest priceCheck lowest price

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The sport watch is cheaper than the regular watch due to the materials used to make it. The regular watch’s case is made from stainless steel and the sport watch’s case is made from Aluminium. This doesn’t mean that sports watch will not last long. The price of sport watch starts from USD 299 and the base price of the normal watch starts from USD 549. But the functionalities of both watches are almost the same. So if you want to buy it for a lower price then go with the sport version.

The Apple watch series 2 is also available in Ceramic, Nike+ and Hermes editions. Check our detailed comparison about the Apple watch 1 series vs Apple watch 2 series.

The battery of both watch models can last only up to only 1 day but there are other smartwatches like Fitbit blaze which can last long up to 5 days.

Stainless steel case or Aluminium case, which is the best? The Aluminium is a cheap metal when compared to stainless steel. Aluminium weighs one-third of what stainless steel weighs. This is why Aluminum is being used to make the aircraft and jet planes. Both have high resistance to corrosion but stainless steel’s corrosion resistance is very high. Aluminum is easier to cut but stainless steel is tough. Stainless steel is easier to weld but aluminum isn’t. Stainless steel is stronger than aluminum. Both the Apple watches has the IPX7 water resistance rating.

Look & Feel

The regular watch is made for the people in formal clothing and the sport watch is made for party and sporting purposes. But you can customize the watch according to your wish. You have many different varieties of styles in both watch models to choose from while buying.

Body Case Color

The aluminum body case comes in different colors such as in the silver aluminum case, gray aluminum case, gold aluminum case, rose gold aluminum case. But the regular watch case color is available in silver only.

Size & Weight

Apple watch regular vs sport

Both the watches are available in 38mm and in 42mm size. The 38mm is the cheaper priced and less weight in both watch models. In overall, sport version is lightweight than the normal one. So you don’t feel anything while wearing the sport model on your wrist and can give you more comfort. Check our detailed comparison about the Apple watch 38mm vs 42mm versions.



The normal watch can get scratches easily but the sport watch doesn’t scratch that easily. But you can always polish your regular watch within minutes to make it look new again. Apple sport watch also gets scratches if it got rubbed on a hard surface but its scratches can’t be removed that easily. So, the regular watch gets scratches easily but can be polished easily and the sport watch gets scratches rarely but it can’t be erased that easily.

Screen Glass

The regular Apple watch uses the sapphire crystal while its counterpart uses the Ion-X as the display glass. Both glasses can’t be scratched easily but if you take a nail and try to scratch the Ion-X glass on the sport watch then it can’t handle that. The Ion-X glass can be scratched with a big sharp nail but we can’t-do that to the sapphire crystal. The sapphire crystal glass is the toughest.

Both are just same watches with different looks. You have to choose based on which style you prefer. It’s just the matter of personal preference.

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