Get attractive available domain names with domain name generators

Thinking an domain name is very easy but most of the time our desired domain names are owned by someone else. It will be frustrating every time to see the domain names which we think in the unavailable status. Now you can get the attractive available domain names with domain name generators as easy as eating a piece of a cake. Continue reading

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The world in 22nd century

In every century, there is a change in the life style and the technology used by the people. Do you want to know how your great grand children going to live? Here we are listing the technologies which maybe used by the people of twenty second century. The below technologies are not just a imagination and most of them are already in the testing process. Continue reading

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Advantages & disadvantages of non-removable battery

Confused whether to buy a mobile phone with a fixed battery? Want to know the merits & demerits of the built in batteries? Get a professional advice on choosing a cell phone with a non-removable battery. Continue reading

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Opera Mini Vs Uc Browser – Find out which is the best!

If you are using mobile phone for surfing the internet then you are now probably using either Opera Mini or UC Browser and in this article you will learn about the advantages and disadvantages of each browser. Continue reading

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How to Detect fake Nokia, Samsung, Sony, HTC & Nexus smartphones? [Guide]

Do you want to find whether your branded smartphone is fake or not? Get the experts guidelines which helps you to distinguish fake mobile phone from the legit one! Continue reading

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6 Main Reasons for a Aircraft to get Crash

The 1 in every 11,000,000 airplanes fails to reach its destination airport. Here we are listing all the main reasons for an aeroplanes to get crash. You can also learn about other statistics and facts about the air crashes. Continue reading

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Interview with Avinash D’Silva, the founder of Codologic & Codoforum

Recently we had got a chance to share some words with the leading developer Avinash D’Silva and he had opened up his mind on this interview. Learn about his career and his experience in web technologies and software.

Continue reading

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Advantages and disadvantages of the inkless printers

Printing without ink, looks interesting isn’t? but not! The ink less printers are the new range of printers which can print documents and other files without the need of ink. But there are also some drawbacks in using these printers. Here we are listing all the pros and cons of this new generation printing technology. Continue reading

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Technologies which helps blind people to see this world

Who said blind humans will won’t see this world? They too can sense and feel the environment which we live. Here you can find the technologies which helps the blind people to see this world. Being blind is one of the most extreme disability. If I only left with an option to choose among visual, hearing, speech or physical disabilities, I will not select blindness as an option. There are many ways to make blind people to see and you can enlighten them about these ways which can help them. Continue reading

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